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SWFL Safe & Secure Home Watch was started to fill a void in the Naples & surrounding areas. Casie & Chris kept hearing the same thing over & over from their My Av-Tech clients... The need for a COMPLETE Naples home watch service solution.  The ability to hire a fully trusted, licensed and insured, one stop shop for the all the needs a part time resident has. Whether it's vehicle/home maintenance, project oversight or simply a good deep cleaning & stocked refrigerator prior to arrival we give you the peace of mind that it's being handled the same way you would.

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SWFL Safe & Secure Home Watch Has Everything Covered From Your Departure to Time Away & Arrival. You're In Good Hands.

Casie Williams & Chris O'Conner

The SWFL Safe & Secure Home Watch Power Team Starts with Casie Williams, a strong entrepreneurial woman & her partner, Marine Veteran Chris O'Conner. 

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